Samurai Sudoku

Samurai Sudoku 2.1

Samurai Sudoku stimulates you to solve more and more sudoku puzzles
2.1 (See all)

Samurai Sudoku is a game in which you will have to use your brain if the idea is to reach the goal.
When starting the game the player will have the possibility of selecting the level difficulty: Easy, Standard, Hard, Expert and Extreme.

When the game starts you will have displayed on your screen a chart that you will have to fill it in with numbers. The player will have to fill in the grid so that every row, every column and every box contains the digits from one to nine with no number repeated. A column is nine cells tall.

On the right side of the screen the player will have displayed a link showing: Check Error, where the player will be able to see the mistakes; another link showing: Show hint, where the player will be able to receive a little help to try to finish each level and another link showing: Show solution, were the player will see displayed on the screen the full resolution of the game.

A special game for people who like maths and for people who like games in witch the brain is the main character.

Review summary


  • Very entertaining
  • Nice graphics
  • Perfect for people who like wit games


  • Not so easy
  • Not for all ages
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